Private Tours : Guided tours - Paris and France

Private Tours

Guided tours - Paris and France

"The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.": Rudyard KIPLING (1865-1936)

Private Tours in Paris & France : With 25 years of experience Giverny Consulting combined 3 professional teams working together: Organizing Private guided tours - limousines and concierge services.


Private tours in Paris
Private tours in Paris (Kostas Panagiotopoulos)

Discover the city of lights with a guide who will make you feel like a real parisian the atmosphere of Paris!
Epicureans - history and fine arts lovers are welcome!
Direct access for all museums and exhibitions!


Hall of Mirrors
Hall of Mirrors (Château de Versailles)

Indulge in the magnificence of Versailles with an exclusive tailor made tour. Discover the private Apartments of the Royal family, the French Gardens and the Hamlet of Marie Antoinette, 1783 Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson in Versailles…

DistanceDist. : 15mi Transport timeDriving : 45mn

Claude Monet creates his paradise

Private trip to Giverny
Giverny (Fondation Claude Monet)

Like an Impressionist cross the Japanese bridge and enjoy the water lilies, feel the atmosphere and his source of Inspirations, flowers and Colors!

DistanceDist. : 45mi Transport timeDriving : 1h

CHAMPAGNE : Private tasting - history

Private tour in Champagne
Champagne (boule1301 / Fotolia)

Following Dom Pérignon the Benedictine Monk and the beginning of the Champagne process, the Kings and Queens of France in the Royal Cathedral of Reims.
Exclusive Day Trip from Paris.

DistanceDist. : 90mi Transport timeDriving : 1h30

A Day with the Impressionist

Private Tour - A Day with the Impressionist
Honfleur (Pixel & Création / Fotolia)

Following the Impressionist in Paris and Normandy. Discover the Places of Inspirations and the Collections in the same day!

"Châteaux" Around Paris

Private Tour - Châteaux Around Paris
Château de Vaux le Vicomte (A. Chicurel / L. Lourdel)

The French way of life is represented with Fontainebleau, Chantilly and Vaux le Vicomte the residence who inspired Versailles.
Very refined day trip

Transport timeDriving : 1h

D-Day : Omaha Beach

Private Tour - D-Day : Omaha Beach
Batterie de Longues sur Mer (Fernbach Antal / Fotolia)

At the end of June 6, 156,000 troops had landed in Normandy. A journey in Normandy gives the opportunity to visit a variety of historical sites, war cemeteries and memorials as well as a range of museums.

DistanceDist. : 175mi Transport timeDriving : 2h45

Loire Valley

Private Tour - Loire Valley
Châteaux de Chambord (Claude Coquilleau / Fotolia)

The French Kings enjoyed the beauty and the light of the Loire Valley remembering the north of Italy. Discover the "châteaux" created by the most famous renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci.

DistanceDist. : 140mi Transport timeDriving : 2h15

Be Creative !

Michel-Ange, The creation of Adam
Michel-Ange, The creation of Adam (Adam by Michelangelo / Fotolia)

We sharing our passions with you organizing private art courses in the most exclusive places.
Take a lesson with an art teacher and visit his studio, create your own perfume in the Guerlain atelier open only for you.

Your Week end in Paris

Paris - Bistrot : La Fontaine de Mars
Paris - Bistrot : La Fontaine de Mars (Kostas Panagiotopoulos)

Visit the city of light with us and feel like a Parisian!
We are pleased to offer private tours & personal services.
Take this time for you to enjoy an exclusive experience in Paris.

Week end at Versailles

Private Tour Week end at Versailles
Apollo Bath (PackShot / Fotolia)

We are pleased to organize an exclusive experience to visit Versailles with our licensed guides, art experts, private concierge and limousines service together.
Take this time to enjoy the entire Domain of Versailles.

Sancerre Wine & Cheese !

Private Visit and Tasting of the most famous Sancerre & Pouilly Winery.

Enjoy a new dimension by sharing the best of the French gastronomy, take a trip to Sancerre:

Private Visit and Tasting of the most famous Sancerre & Pouilly Winery

We invite you to discover and share with us the exquisite combination between wine and cheese.

We'll take you in the cellar of the famous Sancerre wine( and others from the area : Menetou-Salon, Pouilly ... ) and we'll make you meet the producers of the "Crottin de Chavignol" : the famous goat cheese of the area.

Gastronomy and discovery : we mix these two words to offer you an exclusive journey.

La degustation des vins de Sancerre

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